Thursday, July 26, 2007

Young People Have the Power to Change the World!

These young people chose to spend two weeks of their summer 
volunteering with youth in rural El Salvador.


Genevieve said...

No sé si escribirte en español or do it in english, because I realize your spanish is great...

Anyway. I guess you remenber me. My name is Paco. Paco Anguita. We spent some time during our german classes in Berlin, long, long time ago ('94).

I can see you're happy with your family and your school kids, full of strength and enterprising. I'm glad you look so well.

Just wanted to greet you and tell you that I got a "little" bond with California as well, because I got almost 4 years going out with a girl from L.A... I visited the city for the past 3 times, and I probably will in the near future because shes going back for a master's degree in ucla... I still live in Spain.

Anyway, I only keep in touch with Leo (you remenber him), and from time to time I write him a few words about my life, and then he always answers that I should write more to keep in touch (??) but he never has the time to do it right... Last time I insisted and sent me some pictures and a little video of his kids (a girl and a boy, I guess). He got married years ago with a nice colombian woman.

I hope you get to read this. I will be very happy to know about you.

(I'm sorry to write these personal things here. Maybe I should not, but didn't find any other way to contact you. Excuse me if i did wrong)

Un beso muy fuerte.


Paco said...

Feliz cumpleaños... Creo que era hoy.



Paco said...
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Paco said...
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Paco said...
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Maestra Krista said...


WOW ¡No lo creo! No he visto este Blog por 2 años me encantaria hablar contigo. Mi correo electronico es FAVOR de mandar mi un correo!